Swimming Pool Projects – Orihuela Costa – Torrevieja


Swimming Pool Projects – Orihuela Costa- Torrevieja

There are strict planning and building regulations in Spain and failure to comply can result in a hefty fine or, in extreme cases, your property may be demolished. These regulations do vary in each region and often from one town hall to another, so it is always best to consult an ARCHITECT to guide you through the process.

There is no restriction on who may carry out such works, although you do need to ensure you have the correct building licence/permissions before you start and, depending on the type of work carried out, the work may need to be inspected and approved once it is completed (usually only for structural changes and new buildings).

There are really two types of building licence in Spain:

1. Licencia de Obra Mayor (Major Work Licence) – you will need this licence if you are making structural changes to a house, or adding an extension or external building work such as swimming pool or garage. This can be obtained from your town hall planning department (Urbanismo).

The cost of this licence is usually around 5% of the total estimated cost – payable to the town hall. Note that, if you plan to do the work yourself, you do need to include labour costs as well, based on the standard professional rate. Usually you will need to get an architect to draw up plans for the work to be carried out and these need to be approved by the College of Architects.

2. Licencia de Obra Menor or Rehabilitacion (Minor Work Licence or Rehabilitation) – you will need this licence if you are making “minor” changes to a building, such as painting, changing tiles, removing or adding internal partition walls. Again, this should be obtained from your town hall planning department.

We will visit you and your family at your house in Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja, review the layout and initial set of swimming pool construction plans, and answer all of your questions. By this time, your project will be in the permit process and an approximate start date will be communicated. All notes from the meeting will be documented by the project manager for inclusion in the master plan.