Renovation: 7 Pro tips to make sure you stay within your budget



It is a difficult exercise to be able, at first, to estimate the work that it will be possible to carry out according to your budget envelope. You are not a building professional and you have only a vague idea of the price of paint per m2 that friends have told you, of the cost of an hour of plumbing and, it is well known, kitchen technicians are all thieves! So, how do you get by without blowing up the budget? Here are a few tips to help you navigate your way through the work. Ah, there will be one constant: you’ll always find it’s (too) expensive… Don’t worry, it’s normal!

1. Indicate your budget

This seems to make sense, but it is necessary as an Architect to know up front how much you can allocate to the renovation, extension or refreshment. This will enable us to cost you the project with the right range of materials.

2. Make a preliminary visit with the architect.

As architects we will see all the elements to be renovated and will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises: electrical circuit to be redone not planned, humidity, state of the walls, etc.

3. Allow an additional margin…

…over your initial budget of about 10%. This will allow you to face the hazards of the construction site, which unfortunately will not fail to enamel the course of the work.

4. Indicate your priority criteria

What’s important to you? A beautiful parquet floor, the Italian shower, designer lighting? These are the points on which you won’t dither, whatever the progress of the work.

5. Make compromises

For example, for the kitchen, you can decide to take basic furniture (cabinets) and put a worktop or snack top in a noble material. This balances the position. The principle can be repeated on different layouts. On the other hand, you don’t compromise on the paint, it is necessary to take a good quality of coating, hence a higher cost, but think that the walls are what is most noticeable .

6. Stick to the initial project

Sometimes in the course of the work, we are asked to add this or that service, saying:  « might as well do it now». If it’s really worth adding operations, get an accurate cost estimate before you start.

7. Plan several slices

If you can’t do it all at once, plan a second step. Especially for decorative elements such as furniture, textiles, lighting and other finishes that can be added in a second step without damage.

If you have a renovation in mind, we will be glad to help you. Our primary goal is to bring your project to a successful conclusion, advising you step by step, while respecting your budget limits. Do not hesitate to contact us now!