Mutxamiel, Alicante

Integral interior
and exterior reform

Outside reform and decoration

On this reform we have been chosen to give this beautiful villa a new and modern look. Indeed, this big house was in a bad condition before our arrival and needed a complete reform to regain its beauty and become a beautiful modern villa.
The first big job was to redo the painting of the facade, change the metal barriers into stainless steel barriers and change all the tiles on the outside floor. In addition weadded two outdoor wooden pergolas to create a relaxing area for the swimming
pool and an outdoor dining room for the summer days. Wood helps filter the sun and create shade on hot days.

Inside modernization and insulation work

Once inside the house, the idea was to build a modern living space open to the kitchen, with light colours, and thus create a Zen space. We installed a beautiful and large modern kitchen, combining wood and lacquer with high-quality materials.
And finally, we had a great deal of insulation work to do in the basement to remove all infiltration. To do this, we called upon technicians who are experts in water infiltration and who analyze the needs of the room in order to make it watertight.

Outside Before/After