Muebles Ballester

Facade Rehabilitation

his finished project deals with the reform of the façade corresponding to the Muebles Ballester building, where black and red colors stand out, giving greater visibility of the business to the client and thus creating a more dynamic and modern building. During the construction, all the elements that formed the previous façade were eliminated, replacing it with a ventilated façade finished with cladding. Today this facade has greater resistance to external agents that can cause damage and greater durability.
The façade was presented imperfections due to the passage of time and created a cold and lugubrious atmosphere of the building in question.

Ideal for restoration

Affords major advantages to undertake facade restoration: the lightness, flexibility and adjustability at the works site of the material allows a wide range of adaptations to be carried out, applying sheets in different formats. What’s more, there is the possibility of installing the ventilated facade without the need to remove the current covering.

Image Renewal

We have a wide range of shapes, colors and textures which will allow your buildings image to be overhauled, bringing about an amazing transformation.

Increase in Assets

After the facade restoration you will have achieved an increase in the value of your property which far outweighs the cost of the works. Restoring the facade of your building will considerably increase the value of your assets, not only transforming its appearance but also enhancing the urban setting.

Energy Savings

Ventilated façade system helps to improve the thermal performance of the building reducing energy consumption. The energy savings associated with the renovation of the facade makes the initial investment easily recovered in a few years.

Improves the Comfort level

Ventilated facades provide thermal insulation, thereby reducing heat dispersal in cold months and heat absorption in warm months, acheiving comfortable temperatures inside the buildings.

Architectural Rendering

Currently, the facade represents a modern and current idea that in turn lends the building interior greater comfort and insulation against climate changes.